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How To Set Up A Google Ads Account in 2020!

Today's video I am gonna

be showing you guys the way to found out your
Google Ads account first of all we're
gonna have to be on Google Ads comm add
stock google.com and here's what its
gonna look like and we're quickly gonna start now but because
I am already signed in on my current Google Ads account

Set Up A Google Ads I'm gonnahave to go to the settings and add a new
user I'm essentially setting up a new
Google Ads account for my wife Abigail
because we want to advertise her YouTube
channel on YouTube we're gonna go on a
new account
we cannot switch because she hasn't
created it yet and here's the fun part
when you create a new Google Ads account
you're gonna have to start a new
advertising campaign
so we're quickly gonna start one and
don't worry about it once you get it set
it up set up and running all you can do
is pause it and stop that campaign let's
go through the process right now the
business name we're just gonna use her
name you could use whatever business
name you have or whatever you want to
use now tell us where people go after
they click to your ad so you're gonna
have to put your website so this is Set Up A Google Ads
required Google is always changing how
they their advertising policies and
setups hopefully you have a website I
tried using my youtube channel
destination but that didn't seem to Set Up A Google Ads



quite work yep nope it didn't work so we

are gonna use one among my websites that I

have so better of luck if you would like help

setting up an internet site i might suggest

something like Wix comm or something I

will put a link within the description if

you need a group up website and therefore the reason

it behind that's because again we're

creating a campaign that way Google

knows were serious and not just setting

up a blank Google Ads account

unfortunately if you do not have a VSet Up A Google Ads

website once more please do create one

they are gonna continue it and scan it to

see what's it all about

my wife's website is at is I got env


it was rummaging through it but it

actually came through a mistake that


had i do not know what the error was but

I would just used one among my other

websites and it went through again we're

just making a dummy campaign immediately

to get our Google Ads account found out so

one of my websites it's six-figure Asus

comm one that I wont to work thereon was

like a little blog that I started an extended

time ago never quite finished it so

we're just gonna click Next then

it's gonna ask us to make a campaign

so I'm not gonna bore you with all this

setup it literally may be a dummy campaign

once you found out your Google Ads account

you're gonna want to find out the way to do

everything within the backend because that's

where all the bells and whistles are

truly at the detailed targeting oh

you're what audience you would like to capture

what we're browsing immediately may be a

new simplified version of running an ads

campaign but that does not offer you

access to to require full advantage of what

Google is capable of in order that for that

reason again fill within the information to

the best of your knowledge and quickly

accept and continue once we are on

Google Ads

I will show you ways to pause it and

start a fresh campaign within the next

video another quick detail is you're

gonna want to feature your mastercard and

or open-end credit here because we Google is

gonna want us with a card on file

because remember we've to pay them to

advertise use whatever card you're most

comfortable with and remember that it's

gonna get on this account and you're

gonna be billed here and we're done we

actually created our first campaign this

is what it's like so this is often a

simplified version of Google ads but

we're gonna want to travel to the expert

mode you click on settings and switch to

expert mode you do not want to remain in

the smart mode again that does not give

you all the bells and whistles and therefore the

full capability of Google Ads so we're

switching over to expert mode and here

we are where we will see our fresh

campaign that we just made and that we are

going to pause it which is stopping it

we are getting to stop it which is pausing

Google Ads there we go it's past now we

will not be showing this random ad

anywhere and within the next video i will be able to be

showing you guys the way to run a YouTube ad

campaign so if you're curious about

learning more about advertising the way to

how to advertise on Google subscribe

the channel comment down below what kind

of ad you'd like me to point out you ways

to run on Google ads and that i could make a

video thereon my next video i'm gonna

be running a YouTube ads the invention

ad on YouTube to grow my wife's YouTube

channel that's why we started this

Google Ads account so we will be

advertising her channel it's an

experiment if it results with growth for

her YouTube channel with subscribers

views and being eligible to monetize her

YouTube channel I hope you enjoyed this

quick tutorial on fixing your Google

Ads account

it was literally very easy let's

review the steps step 1 attend Google Ads

create a replacement account gonna ask you for

basic information remember if you do not

have an internet site

I recommend Wix settle down within the

description you are doing need an internet site unless

you undergo the opposite options of but

I find it easiest to only roll in the hay online

especially because Google Ads can really

tailor everything specifically for what

you're trying to try to to you're trying to

become a web marketer or you're

trying to find out the way to run online ads

maybe if you're having a social media

marketing agency you're gonna want to

learn how to run Google Ads you're gonna

want to run ads to websites so i might

click with the websites options that way

your whole Google Ads experience is

optimized you would like your website you would like

a bit of some simple information you're

gonna got to put your debit or credit

card on file create this dummy campaign

and then we switch to the expert

mode as you saw at the top and now we

are within the full Google Ads be happy to

play around Set Up A Google Ads

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