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Job Listing
Job listing
Hello everybody how are you? I'm well.Today I'm coming a new topic discuss for all. My main topic is job listing  realted content I pul value come on back what's up des nation it's so good to see you it is I'm professor and as your personal branding coach executive career Coates LinkedIn consultant Job listing business owner author keynote speaker the list goes on and on and if you're new to this visitor if you're new to this content  if you just happen to click on this video randomly or maybe YouTube suggested this to you you might want to consider subscribing because this is literally the best YouTube channel on the planet I work my butt off for you guys I provide brain-busting content week after week mindset personal branding career strategies how to make more money and stand out by sharing your story with the world we're bringing more humaneness to this digital nasai want you to be a part of the journey so make sure that you click Subscribe hit that Bell notification so every time I produce some new Job listing content that's going to help you boost your career advance your business grow your audience you won't miss anything now I'm gonna talk to you about the top 10 job search sites out there that you need to be looking for once you have gotten Job listing everything else in order first and what do I mean by first before you even go and try to apply to some of these job boards and try to figure out and search for jobs and begin your career search in general there's two essential things
 Here Is job listing top 10 job website list link.
 you need to do before you even endeavor upon that number one is make sure that your resume is in tip-top shape and what do I mean by that I've got some videos that will help you with your resume or if you want to go in the links in the description I've got a beautiful resume building master class template that you can click on the link below it's a brand new template building course very very effective we've a lot of people in there most of you guys have already taken this course and you've gotten insane results already go down in the description and check that out because if you don't have a good resume if you don't a strong modern resume that gets past the 80s  Job listing scanners it doesn't matter what site you go to you're not gonna get even a glimmer so you want to make sure that that's taken out first the second thing you want to do is you want to make sure that your LinkedIn profile look I want to share a stat with you 92% of employers search your online presence during the interview process so if you're looking for a job you've got to make sure LinkedIn is everything you know and and the resume is I've said this before to my clients the resume even though it's still relevant it's going to increasingly as these years advance you know technology you know the marketplace it's moving at lightning speed well everything else you included most job career candidates they're not thinking of the future and they don't have a strong online presence so I've got some stuff in the description that will help you some links to videos some links to training programs and even a couple of live streams that I've conducted it'll help you with your brand on LinkedIn so make sure you go down below in the description and check those out okay number one the first job site that is in the top ten and these are not in any kind of chronological order the first job site that I'm gonna share with you is one that maybe most of you guys are not aware of and that site is called dice com so dice com is a

Technical website : that specializes in both startup companies and really it's all about tech jobs so so you can also with the cool thing about dice is you can post your resume and let people come to you and plus you can use even their personalized salary predictor tool to figure out what salary to expect or even demand when the time comes so this is a great site that a lot of people don't know about it's mostly for text so those of you I have plenty of clients and software development IT cybersecurity cloud infrastructure this site would be really ideal for those of you who are look for jobs and careers in the tech space number two the second job site that I'm gonna share with you is one that is fairly common that most of you guys know and it's one that we cannot overlook because it's extremely important for your job search and that is indeed calm now some of you guys might not have heard of this job site before I've mentioned this in other videos I've also mentioned this in my master course job search in the digital age resume to LinkedIn again I'll leave that in the description down below it's not the prettiest job board out there because it aggregates listings from other sites but it's got most openings in all interests you can search even without signing in which is kind of cool you or you can create account that will remember what you're looking for including desired salary this site will even email you when new openings come up so indeed that's number two indeed calm and I'll leave links to all of these different job search sites I'll leave links to all these sites down in the description down below and again I want to stress this none of them are in chronological order like first is the best or tenth is the the least best it's not like that at all but these are the top ten job sites that you need to be paying attention to if you're looking for a gig in 2020 and beyond okay number three let's go to number three the number three job site that you need to be paying close attention to is my beloved LinkedIn yes LinkedIn is not just a social media platform it is not just a content platform and it's not just a branding platform even though it is absolutely essential for your personal brand you can find amazing jobs and the cool thing is as I said at the top of this video if you have an amazing LinkedIn profile that communicates your value and shows your audience why they should pay attention to you this is an unbelievable site that you can actually apply directly to some of the listings there are over 675 million members as of this recording LinkedIn is becoming the most unbelievable platform right now to get organic reach if you don't know what I mean by organic reach that means you can post valuable information about yourself providing value to your audience that will reach people naturally without putting any money behind it that's something for a different video the difference between organic reach and paid reach but essentially it's traffic that you pay for versus traffic that you just get naturally automatically without paying a dime which is beautiful and LinkedIn as of right now in 2020 as of this recording is the best place to build your brand it's the best place to get attention it is the best number one cocktail party for business networking around period so you have to have a very strong LinkedIn profile again links in the description if you want to find out more how to do that and maybe even perhaps work with me all those links are in the description down below so that's number three number four the number four job site that I'm going to share with you today is maybe one that you've heard of before glass door now  
glass door is a very very well known job site job search site I'm sure most of you guys have heard but if you haven't the cool thing about glass door is in addition to searching for openings by industry and location you can look up companies on this site to read what actual employees have to say about working there and it's not just what their recruiting team is pitching you you can also look up salaries average salaries redo their positions and follow a company to get periodic updates about it so this is a really cool job search site and it's one that you need to have on your radar it's a fantastic way to find gigs and even get a little bit more background in more context on the companies that you want to work for that's number four number five the number five job site on our list here out of the top ten is zip recruiter now a lot of us might know zip recruiter as you know that advertisement that comes up on all of our favorite podcasts you know zip recruiter does a really good job of branding and you want to about paid traffic the zip recruiter does an amazing job how many times am I going to say okay I'll stop the cool thing about zipper cooler is it's actually a really cool jobsite besides a place where you can actually find people to hire you can actually search for openings as you would any other board but the emphasis here is on creating a profile and uploading your resume so that it's algorithms will recommend you to an employer so that's actually really cool so you can you can draw traffic to you again make sure that your resume is one that stands out it's modern it's keyword optimized I've got an entire resume building perfect template course down below in the description you've got to go check that out before you would put your post your resume anywhere make sure that it follows those that checklist that I have in my resume building course I'll even give you if you stick around to the end I'll even give you a discount code coupon so you can get 30% off that course TEDx the number six job site to help you get the gig that you want and help you get the job that you want is none other than Google yes Google I said Google most of you guys may think this one's a real obvious one you would be surprised I mean Google is an amazing search engine and the cool thing is most of you guys might not know this it may sound obvious but just in case you didn't know the everything search engine is also a job search engine - all you need to do is simply add jobs to any search term a position title maybe perhaps an industry a location a company Google will actually crawl other job sites to gather those listings it also allows you to add filters and make an email alert for the terms that you choose I mean this is a no-brainer folks but you'd be amazed how many people Google that doesn't make sense Google let's I just go to Google and search yes you can go to really I mean to be quite honest you could go to Google and YouTube for pretty much anything I mean I'm a business communications professor I've been teaching writing communications business communications speaking public speaking for over twenty-eight years and I say the University of Google and University of YouTube are probably the two underutilized most undervalued most underestimated resources on the planet take advantage of this amazing technology and this amazing era that you're living in folks number seven on our top ten list for 2020 job search sites is career builder careerbuilder.com now most of you guys may have heard of this as well career what sets that what sets career builder apart is that besides the fact that it's an online job searching and it's been in the online job search game for over 20 years it's also got a lot of great career advice that you can actually check out and they got a lot of great tips and Nimitz and great tips and advice on job search career advice you'd be surprised how many people don't understand how powerful this platform is you could actually glean a lot of information and a lot of value career builder com that's number seven number eight job search site is higher ed jobs calm this is for those of you who are looking for academic positions teaching positions maybe you've got an MFA or ma you know being a professor who now works very minimally at the University I used to work a lot more back in the day but now that I'm running several businesses and I've been getting a lot more successful with my LinkedIn consulting and my agency I've been kind of shortening my loads at universities even though I still love it I still love teaching the students I still love being around the students the administration and the bureaucracy is an absolute capital and nightmare you guys who are teachers and adjuncts and professors you know exactly what I'm talking about but this is a great job site because I have a lot of clients who actually you know come out of the corporate sector or private sector and are interested in working in the public sector they're interested in actually giving back they're interested in actually having a little bit of a quieter life a little bit of a kind of more tamed life than the hustle and bustle of corporate nine-to-five and teaching is a fantastic way to supplement your income it's a fantastic way to earn some money while you're in retirement and so higher ed jobs.com is a beautiful site where you can sir all the latest academic positions that are available you can also set alerts for certain keyword phrases certain terms such as for me I usually did business professor or business writing or English professor those are keywords and I would get alerts all the time for those specific phrases I even do I've actually even still have this I still have a alert that I get from time to time for online teaching positions because I love online teaching I think online teaching is very very convenient for somebody like me who runs several online businesses and I always like to stay abreast of what are some of the interesting positions out there that allow me to supplement my income that fit within my day-to-day lifestyle my day to day kind of routine and aren't too much of a burden for me driving you know back in the day when I was a court um quote entrepreneurial adjunct professor I was teaching almost 10-12 courses a semester because I had a family and you know it's just starting my family this is like a decade ago and I was they call us freeway flyers we were just driving from university to University and because they absolutely exploit adjunct professors and they treat adjunct professors like dirt you literally can make more money at a Starbucks being a barista than you would be an adjunct professor I know that sounds nuts but believe me it's true all you had junks out there all you professors out there leave comments down below because you know what I'm talking about and so it was it was quite a horrific lifestyle but you know I would not recommend that kind of lifestyle for anybody but if you're looking to kind of get something part-time or maybe even just you know you're in retirement as I said or you want a quieter kind of existence this is a great way to give back it's a great way to cultivate and really harness your qualifications and your powerful real-world experience and pass that on to the generations about to come and so so higher-end jobs calm is a fantastic place to go look for those types of positions that's number eight number nine is idealist.org idealist.org okay idealist.org is a really interesting job board site job search site some employers choose to post their job openings only on sites that specialize in their field perhaps that's one way to make sure candidates are dedicated to that type of work idealist is a long time leader in posting nonprofit jobs an only nonprofit government agencies and the light can post here so if you're looking for a non-profit type of gig or you're looking to work for a non-profit this is a fantastic site idealist.org go check them out again all the links to all these job search sites will be in the description down below the number ten job site is Media bistro comm and this is also another industry specific site but the media jobs listed here include those in journalism marketing advertising social media television and film searching is 100% free and you can also but you you could pay for a membership that includes online courses a couple of member discounts all sorts of cool features and things like that access to a freelancer marketplace and also articles about pitching articles to publications and so media bistro comm that's number 10 now I said there was gonna be ten job search sites well I lied actually I didn't lie but I'm actually gonna give you another bonus I'm gonna give you a bonus so there's gonna actually gonna be eleven job search sites this reveal this is a bonus job site it's called chloro flaunt I might be pronouncing that wrong chloro flat calm this is a site that is specifically for the niche of design job listings from all over the world actually it also allows designers to build portfolios on the site or just show off a single project gallery which you know can't hurt as they try to catch the eyes of future in so chlorophyll at comm this is a really cool job site for designers and people who were looking for designer positions so go check that out if that is in your specialty or your area of expertise thank you so much for watching I hope you got a lot of value out of this video please make sure you smash the smash button that's the like button and make sure that you leave comments down below and let me know what you thought of this video tell me which job site boards do you use or which job site boards do you think you're gonna go to first out of the top out of the 11 that I mentioned and let me know in the comments if there's any job search site boards that I may have missed that maybe you're like hey Nez hey Nez dummy you forgot this one or haen't as what about this one let me know in the comments down below I love learning from you hopefully as much as you're learning from me we have an amazing Nezha nation community bringing more humaneness to this indigenous and don't forget in the links down below in the description i've got an amazing resume masterclass step-by-step resume template builder that we just launched very very recently go check that out and there's a special I told you if you stuck around to the end I'm gonna give you a special coupon code for those of you who are watching this right now if you go down in the description and you go sign up for the course I will give you use the coupon code designation - the hash tag and you get 30% off this is only gonna last for a couple of days so as this video has gone live this special coupon code is only gonna last for a couple of days I'm gonna say seven days max so you have seven days to get this deal go down below in the links down below there's a in the description click on that little arrow that says more down there in the description down below and you will find a link to the course the resume perfect resume building template master class and in that and use the coupon code designation - the hashtag all caps and you will get 30% off I don't know how Job listing much longer this will last as of this recording I'm only saying 7 days so go check that out right now and as always make sure that you click Subscribe hit that like button and let me know what other kind of videos what other kind of topics that you would love to see me create I always listen to you I'm here to serve you I love you guys so so much I appreciate your more than you'll ever know thank you thank you thank you so much don't leave so quickly don't just leave the video because over here and over here I've got a ton of amazing videos that you've got to go check out personal branding mindset career strategy interview how to do well on crafting a elevator pitch all sorts of amazing article go check them out right now thank you Job listing

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