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$30,0000 income best paying jobs in finance part-2


 $30,0000 income best paying jobs in finance part-2
Hello guys welcome to my website  co but you can also say freelancer shahid but it doesn't matter because today we're talking about top 11 jobs top 11 most well paid jobs in the United States so if you're interested who earns $30,000 a month please continue watching this content  as you know and if you do not know then you should subscribe to my channel and watch the previous video but the video was about top 11 jobs that have the biggest number of job openings in the United States but this video is about the amount of money that the people earn so profession number 11 is called
**software engineer **  obvious right you have to have computer science degree and you have to be good at coding and if you come to San Francisco you will have the majority of job openings and currently there are more than a thousand job openings and people earn around $110,000 a year refreshen number 10 coverage controller this guy's managed corporates finance they do tax optimization they do different things or they control the financials of a big corporation you should have a background in finance I would say maybe you have like a bachelor's degree from your country but if you want to be a corporate controller I would suggest doing masters in finance here in the United States so you know the standards that are here and you would get acquainted with the corporate culture of America and as you know if you're a foreign student if you come to the States do your masters you get up to three years of opt which is a work permit for you to stay in the States and work for this period of time so yeah if you do a master's degree in finance you can totally apply for a corporate controller position and there are currently 259 job openings for the corporate controller and the majority of them are concentrated in New York and as you know New York is the financial center of the United States 4c2 Wall Street everything is there like if we're talking about tech and innovation and code and whatever San Francisco Silicon Valley and in San Francisco right now by the way we're talking about finance and maybe like fashion that's New York and if we're talking about usually racial social media or vloggers or like film LA I'm going arts as a profession number nine R&D manager these guys are responsible for innovation and research right now a lot of money go into research and development in medical sphere and I have a couple of friends here who actually working on like beating cancer or trying to grow organs in pigs so they can be transplanted into human beings later and like this sphere is really well financed and yes people are looking for cure for different diseases so if you have medical background and if you're into research this is something you can totally do as you know you can do PhD in the United States and the majority of PhDs receive full financial assistance and yet your cities will be financed you will get some steep end and you will work on your research and yeah when you graduate you can be an R&D manager and you will earn around $110,000 a year currently there are around 200 job openings number 8 applications

 ***development manager**** This is the guy who actually manages the creation of different applications we can talk about apps on our phones we can talk about the apps on desktop but this is a guy who would manage different people involved in creating an application link designers UX you eyes

**product managers and developers***

 themselves you would need to have a computer science degree or background in computer science in order to apply for this job and again the majority of job offerings are in Texas and you know why because Texas is called the new Silicon Valley here in the United States and I totally understand why because rent here like in San Francisco's crazy salaries are crazy and you have to compete with companies like Google and Facebook who offer you know what an intern at Facebook earns $7,000 a month like seriously the guy who just graduated from I don't just graduated from his second year of his bachelor's earns $7,000 say it's really impossible to compete with other employers here so a lot of companies are transferring their development offices into Texas and Texas is growing in that sense application development managers earn around 100 $12,000 a year and there are more than 500 job openings right now and maybe it's one you one thing disclaimer I'm a mom I wouldn't select my profession just based on how much people earn or how many job openings there are I would choose it based on whatever I love you should ask yourself what is that thing that I'm able to do for free for the next two years and if the answer is like well games on computer then you should study a twitch channel and make money of it or if it's video then you start use just at your own YouTube channel you shouldn't be like oh my god application managers are in so much money I should be an application manager know like seriously number seven physician's assistant and we are coming into this medical lovely medical field where people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in their education and then they just have to earn a lot in order to pay off all of the debt and this is why medicine like healthcare in the United States is so expensive and as I said a lot is being done in order to improve the situation but physician's assistants earn a hundred twelve thousand dollars a year and this is not even doctor this is somebody who just helps he's not able to like consult patients yet and again there are more than 13 thousand openings in the United States the majority of them are in Houston Texas so if your passion is connected with health care I would totally totally look at Texas profession number six Enterprise Architect and this is the guy who has to know what's going on in terms of IT resources in the company who has to know how everything is structured and he's gonna work with sea level managers and they're gonna decide what is the best way how do we optimize all the IT resources that we have in order to grow faster and of course you should have computer science background to apply for this position and I would suggest having like at least two or three years of experience because you would need to know how everything works from inside out the average salary is a hundred twelve thousand dollars a year and there are more than 1300 job openings for this position and the majority of them are in New York a lot of IT businesses are also moving to New York if they are connected with like fashion or finance because this is the place where they find partners so I would say if you're a developer look for job openings in San Francisco of Silicon Valley and New York as well as well as Texas number five again again again medicine what am i singing pharmacist a guy who worked in a pharmacy earn a hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year and one in five thousand job open right now on Glassdoor I don't know guys how much do pharmacists earn in your country but in my country where I come from nothing close to this uh but again healthcare in the United States is really expensive there are a lot of job openings for this position in Baltimore which is hometown for Johns Hopkins the University which is one of the best for medical science and California Sacramento San Diego oh my god this word again Lee a jean liaison number for medical science liaison this is the guy with sits down with our CEO of a clinic and they decide together what inventory they're gonna buy which markets have the most opportunity for them how do they market this in this in that product so this is the guy I would say who has background in medicine and background in economics and if you remember one of my Master's applications was to carry business school in Johns Hopkins and I would say this is one of the best schools for like combining boasted disciplines because Johns Hopkins is a really good University for medicine and then Carey business school has a lot of masters like marketing in medicine or research in medicine so if you're interested in someone like this I would consider Johns Hopkins another place to consider for medical studies of course Harvard Harvard ha is the top Medical School in the United States these guys earn a hundred thirty two thousand dollars a year and they're around four hundred job openings right now and the majority of them are concentrated in Cambridge exactly where Harvard is Cambridge Massachusetts already so we are at the top three most well paid jobs in the United States number three of course it should be that one of course it's connected with law cuz lawyers here earn a lot of money you wouldn't believe like when we registered a company we have this lawyer and her rate is nine $150 an hour an hour like just talking to her for an hour 950 dollars I know that the majority of that would be taken by the company itself to support like other people who work in the office but yes they earn a lot so number three is patent attorney this is the guy who would help you with your trademark patent who'd represent you in court if you have any problems who would help you register it these guys earn around a hundred forty thousand dollars a year and there are more than 500 job openings right now the majority of them are in Los Angeles in order to become a lawyer in the United States you would need to have background in law funny right but if you have background a law from your own country if you come to the state I was just doing an LLM which is a one-year law degree and then you should take a bar exam and you will become an accredited attorney in the state where you - where you pass the bar exam if you don't have a background in law what many Americans do they do a JD program which is a three year program you have to pass L SAT to be accepted but then at the end of the program again you pass the bar exam and you become a licensed attorney number two pharmacy manager and pharmacy managers are around 150,000 dollars in the United States the majority of 2,370 job openings are concentrated again in Texas and yeah you should have medical science background and I was just managing background again Johns Hopkins has perfect master's degrees for that and number one like I wouldn't be surprised but so physician doctors they earn a hundred eighty seven thousand dollars a year which is the average average across all of the different specifications across the states and there were more than 7,000 job openings so doctors are in high demand but this is where glass door stops and they say yes this is the fast paid job in the United States but I went further because there is so many different doctors made my research and here it is if you're a surgeon on average you earn three hundred thirty eight thousand dollars a year now we go up if you are an anesthesiologist and this seizure anesthesiologist you earn three hundred fifty thousand dollars a year radiologists three hundred fifty five thousand dollars a year and number one please pay attention cardiologist three hundred fifty six thousand dollars a year let's see what's that per month three five six divided by twelve thirty thousand dollars if you're a cardiologist okay so the highest tax rate in the United States is forty percent so even if you pay like forty percent in taxes which they don't like normally you would have mortgage you wouldn't have like children or dependent people so this will minimize your tax burden but an average they will get like eighty thousand dollars anymore after it Lex oh wow like I was sitting with a guy here I'm in the office and there was one guy here he was listening to me and then he just closed his laptop and said I'm gonna go get my medical degree I'm like those people can definitely afford living in San Francisco they do and I would say like because this is an average salary I would say our cardiologists earn a lot more than that in San Francisco San Francisco's an expensive city and this is averaged by like Texas who has which is the less expensive state I hope I surprised you guys please do not forget to subscribe to this channel and like this video if you're still watching like if you're are not in coma after hearing all of the Saros salaries here in the United States please like this content if you enjoyed it let me know thank you so much for watching this up to the end and I will see you next week bye you high

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