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How much money can you make selling on amazon 2020

How much money can you make selling on amazon 2020
 today we're gonna answer your burning question which is how much money can you really make by selling on Amazon so it's a great question because if you're some that's watching this right now and you're considering to build your own business by selling on Amazon then it's great to know what's the potential what's the opportunity that this can present to you in your life if you do decide to get started selling on Amazon so we're gonna dive into this question and answer it in depth for you in this video yeah and it's an exciting question because the answer is exciting and my opinion is that right now the sky is the limit you know like whatever it is that you set your goal - as long as you're committed to working hard - being smart being strategic you can achieve that and I'll just share with you a quick little story about myself when I first started learning about this Amazon opportunity and I say okay I'm gonna start selling products on Amazon private labeling products and selling them on Amazon it was kind of like a side thing for me because I didn't really have much expectations I was just hoping to you know make a few hundred dollars per month just to have some extra freedom and and then once I launched my product I started to see those sales come in and it was not too difficult I mean yes there were strategies yes there was work that I had to put in but in comparison to all the other jobs I've had in my life had been working since I was 12 years old that was a piece of cake in comparison and the amount of time it was so quick you know I got those sales relatively quickly so then I started making those few hundred dollars and they said wow what if I could replace my income what if I could replace you know make as much money as I on Amazon
as I'm making right now at my job which I was working as a server and I was also working at a bank so I just wanted to make a couple thousand dollars a month and then within a month of setting that goal I achieved that and so then I started to think wow maybe my limitation is my mindset maybe I just need to shoot higher and so man I wanted to make $10,000 a month and I think actually you remember the story when I said we were at a Nordstrom and there was a pair of sunglasses to your mother there's a pair of sunglasses that I wanted and they were $500 and I had never purchased anything for that amount you know single luxury item like that and I said to myself well if I make $10,000 when I'm when I make $10,000 a month in revenue on amps and I'm gonna buy those sunglasses and I made that I thinking like maybe a month or two months after that and so I just kept on increasing my goals and the sky is the limit it truly is as long as you're willing to work hard and put in the effort and you know think outside the box because a big portion of this is marketing then you have the freedom to earn as much as you want so it's just an amazing opportunity yeah and just to give you an example last month she did $140,000 in sales and that's just not on Amazon it's also on Shopify with their own website girl an online store so a few things I want to kind of point out and share with you guys is you know Amazon is massive in fact to Amazon I think by now is a trillion dollar company Apple was the first trillion dollar company through history and I think Amazon's at trillion-dollar you know value now it's not very close to that so Amazon is huge they have hundreds and hundreds of millions of customers that use Amazon every single day they buy products the u.s. is the biggest Marketplace on Amazon but then after that they're growing internationally of course in Europe in India and Australia and Canada so as long as Amazon continues to grow which they're not slowing down every single year they're growing by Delta by double digits and sales that gives more potential opportunity for everybody that decides to sell on Amazon because a rising tide raises all hips so all the sellers benefit as Amazon continues to grow now also and we're gonna do a little training for you guys to show you on our computer just more potential and actually show you some what some of these products are making on Amazon an important thing to understand though is also it is based on the category or the type of product or selling so obviously some products have higher potential than other products right and some categories some types of products you know we're going to show you some sellers that are doing five hundred thousand dollars a month by selling that one one product right other products maybe don't have as much of that potential so it does depend on the niche and the product that you're getting into but also not just limiting herself to Amazon okay a lot of people they just look at selling on Amazon and that's a big mistake you want to start on Amazon okay so the best place to start you want to make money on Amazon maybe first in the United States or in the UK and then you expand to the other platforms on Amazon which provides more potential for you to make more money from your product but beyond that you also want to build your brand you want to build your own you know your own online store where you can then also sell your product on Shopify for example and now you can drive traffic from Google or YouTube and Facebook and all these other places on the internet so really the sky's the limit in the sense of not just thinking Amazon but the entire internet there's billions of people that use the internet every single day that you can tap into these markets that are massive and and make as much money as you want from it so when I when I first started I started my brand on Amazon I didn't have a branding nobody knew me so Amazon was the best platform to start on because I had access to their millions of customers with one click buy now memberships you know so I was able to build a brand on Amazon if it weren't for Amazon I don't think my brand would be as popular as it is today so it was thanks to Amazon Amazon was necessary however Amazon does come at a cost you do if you're using FBA fulfilled by Amazon you do have to pay them and they charge you you know it's not cheap to sell on Amazon it's necessary to get started but you don't have to stay there so what I did is as soon as I started to get brand recognition consistent sales I said to people listen I'm opening up a Shopify store you can come follow me there I'm have a wider variety of products for sale there and within that first year starting that Shopify store I did a million dollars in sales and that million dollars in sales I profited way more than I would have if I was just on Amazon so I continue to be on Amazon today but the majority of my sales are made on Shopify because I want them to be made on Shopify I have higher profit margins I get to keep customers emails I get to customize things brand messaging all of these things but again I had to have started on Amazon yeah that's a great point so how about now we take out the computer and we'll actually do a screen capture for you guys so you can be over our shoulders and we'll actually show you how much money some of these products are making on Amazon and these are real figures this these are real accurate digits so whoever selling these products this is how much they're making in revenue yeah ok so right now we're on Amazon coms website this is primarily United States and really what we're gonna do is I pulled up a few categories here on Amazon and I'm gonna use a cool tool called Jungle Scout that's gonna show us how much some of these products are making on Amazon so the purpose of this we just want to show you right now the potential how much these products are making how much these sellers are making these are real people and real companies that are selling on Amazon and making this amount of money so we pulled up a few different categories the best sellers in kitchen and dining I pulled up the best sellers in sports and outdoors this one is Pet Supplies I don't think this is the bestseller list it is okay and I could pull up tons of categories and pages on Amazon and we both use this tool called Jungle Scout it's our favorite tool for product research on the Amazon must-have tool for anyone that wants to sell in Amazon because it's gonna give you so much data and help you with your research to know which products to pick which ones to avoid the competition all of that but right now I just want to kind of show you the potential and how much some of these products are making so jungle Scout is an extension for your browser or they have they have a web-based software as well but I just click here in the browser and what it's going to do is actually going to pull up all the data some that most important data rather of all these products that are right here on this page on Masson so the main thing I want to look at here is the revenue so this is revenue over a 30-day period okay this is more of an estimate it's not a hundred percent accurate but it's fairly close you know they obviously take the price and the number you know the ranking that it has on Amazon and you know determines the number of sales all of them so this product here is making a hundred and fourteen thousand dollars in the last 30 days on Amazon here's one that's dead seven hundred ninety three thousand dollars in the last 30 days it's amazing right it's just mind-blowing it is a thermos stainless steel food jar it's a premium thermos right most thermoses I'm gonna be $69 $70 yeah and that's a actually fairly easy product to private label now obviously these people you know they worked at it for maybe years they you know went maybe went to trainings they they got to this point over a period of time right some of these are bigger brands and other brands as well but it's interesting so the one below it this the same I think company this one they're selling at thirteen ninety nine versus the premium one at $69.99 so they're selling both so for the people who don't want to pay that much money they have an alternative option but you can see how much more significant at the $69.99 one is yeah we're not saying that you're ever gonna do that amount maybe you will who knows that you know like I said these companies might have built themselves up for a long period of time but even if you do a fraction of that that's still pretty incredible this one five hundred twenty two thousand five hundred twenty three thousand hundred and forty eight thousand and one thing you can do also is you can click on revenue so that it sorts it by revenue so right now the lowest I'm the smallest amount of revenue is earned by this listing over here thirty five thousand dollars a month mm-hmm that's good to know yeah yes yeah so just gonna you know can help you find products but also see the potential of some of these products let's head on over to another one so this is sports and outdoors and I'm gonna just press jump the button the jungle Scout and let jungles go do the work okay so here we have you know products 145,000 thirty days eighty five thousand four hundred ninety two thousand so look at this one the eight thousand you know because maybe that's something a bit more realistic within your reality right now the seen those five hundred thousand dollars a month it might seem like two out of your reality out of your grasp but eight thousand dollars a month that's yeah and then what you'd want to do is let you know these are a number of products kind of each separate types of products under this category so you'd actually want to take you know narrow in on a certain product and type that in in Amazon the key word for it and then use jungle Scout to pull up all the other products in that you know that one specific niche for that keyword so that way you can kind of get an idea based on whatever product that you might want to sell how much money at that product could be making you but what are some of these products this is like a lantern this is a like LED lights a water bottle flasks flashlights and you can see these are all very simple everyday products you know there nobody's inventing something new it's not about that it's about private labeling products that people are gonna use you know people that's what commerce is it's exchange of value right so if someone sees value in a mug then they're gonna buy it from you and that's how you make your revenue so the more value that you add the more value you create the more revenue you'll earn and that's where that creativity comes in if you can get really creative with your Amazon products your business that's how you'll really scale fast yeah and I love finding these ones that are here that I only have three reviews you know it's still doing almost $5,000 a month so it's just pretty cool to you know see that as well you don't necessarily have to have the top product the most reviews to still make a good amount of money and let's just dive over to pet supplies and the great thing about Amazon is you know I always recommend it people try to find like a product or a niche that you at least at least have an interest or passion for because then you're gonna enjoy the process of building your business and so there's so many categories and departments and types of products you can sell on Amazon I mean if you love pets and dogs or cats or birds or horses there's you know categories that you could research the potential of and see how much those products are doing yeah and you might think oh well I love horses but that's so nice like how am I gonna find a product on Amazon for that but in fact some of the best products are the products that are a niche so if you are narrowing it down to not just pet supplies but pet like horse supplies there's going to be less competition and if you find a good product that has demand that's the secret spot that's where you want you want the high demand low competition yeah yeah so just tons of simple products that I'm seeing right here this dog collar ok this dog colors did 1.2 almost 1.3 million in the last 30 days this one here is 1.5 is that right 1.5 million that's insane so this one is like basically a tray cat litter yeah yeah so this is a litter tray refills just a refill packet which is great when you have a product this is like subscribe and save so people they buy it on an ongoing basis so you get repeat customers which is always great and this one is a dog collar yeah so this one was also doing like over a million dollars a month this is so pretty and look what you can learn on this listing they have a thousand plus answered questions you know what so one thing that people don't realize is on Amazon anyone can ask you a question not just people who buy your products but potential customers and you as the seller have the opportunity to answer those questions a lot of sellers they don't answer the questions and you're missing out so this listing they answered over a thousand questions and that differentiates them from other listings who don't do that yep yeah so hopefully this video has been helpful for you guys I mean we could dive into more categories more products I mean it's just so fun sometimes we do spend hours just kind of searching around on Amazon and you know we each kind of have our own products and businesses and we're pretty busy with that but we come across products and you know sometimes it could be like exciting because we're going off that's a great product and I can make so much I could do so well with that but we're just so busy with what we're trying to do so I'd recommend to get jungle Scout if you're looking to build your Amazon business you know I'll link to it below or go to Debbie project life master comm slash jungle Scout and just spend a bit of time on Amazon look at some categories that might interest you that might be a passion that you might have and look to see the potential of it how much these products are making is always great when you find multiple products that are doing well not just one or two but there's many that are doing well because then it also shows how much room an opportunity there is for you that if you also decide to sell that product or getting that same niche or category then you can also have you know a piece of that as well so we want to thank you guys so much just for taking the time to watch this video hopefully we answered your question .if you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up comment below and share anything you'd like we'll answer some of your questions for you and we'll see you again in the next content  okay take care you

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