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Daily paid High paying work from at home jobs from home at 2020

Daily paid High paying work from at home jobs from home at 2020
Today we're gonna be talking about high-paying work from home jobs you can literally do from anywhere in the world with just yourself and when I say anywhere in the world I really mean that I'm talking about the Marianas Trench remote I'm talking about the surface of the frickin moon dream oh wait you're saying the moon doesn't have Wi-Fi okay maybe not the moon but you get my point you can literally do this from anywhere in the world with it just your good old cellphone and a connection to the good old Internet and so if you're a teacher or a stay-at-home mom or you're like me and you like just making money on the internet from the comfort of your own home then you're in the exact right place because we are about to go over 100% legit verified non scam ways where you can start making money working from home and get paid literally as soon as today let's go now obviously we're gonna be skipping things today like online only scammy ways where you know you eventually end up making like less than a dollar per hour for your time we're gonna be focusing on real sources of income and because we're focusing on real sources of income that means that these are actual jobs right it's not called fun from home it's called work from home for a reason and if you approach it as a hobby or some get-rich-quick scheme you're not gonna get any results with any of the things I teach or any of my videos you have to approach this knowing that it takes hard work to be successful and to have financial
freedom and to be able to work from home and do the things that you actually want to do and so if you're ready to hustle and you're ready to grind and you're ready to really pursue a passive income stream that allows you and your friends and your family to have more freedom to travel the world or do whatever the heck you like doing then this video is for you and without further ado let's jump in to number five number five is what's called a phone closer and you might heard of other people talking about this with high ticket phone sales or doing the sales calls for people that are selling high ticket packages or coaching or you know investment programs or finances or all types of things but basically what you would do with this is you would take a phone sales script something that somebody else has Daily paid High paying work from at home jobs from home at 2020

thought a great deal about and you would essentially plug-and-play this phone sales script especially with high ticket products and the cool thing about being a phone besides the fact that you can do it entirely from a cell phone is that you get better and better as you actually go along doing this I myself employ many different full-time phone closers and literally all they do is call all of my inbound leads because we get thousands of phone numbers a day and we sell you know low ticket products we sell mid tier ticket products we sell high ticket products and we even sell masterminds you know that cost twenty five thousand dollars or more for some of our most successful students to take advantage of and if you are a foam closer and if you prove yourself to an entrepreneur or a company or business of some kind if you prove yourself with low ticket mid tier ticket and you start selling you know $1,000 $2,000 or more products or services you get paid a percentage Commission of that sale right and so the cool thing is you probably earn some type of base salary but you can also get paid heavily and probably more than your base salary based on what's called commissions right so every time you sell $1,000 $2,000 $5,000 $10,000 package or program or service you might make 10% or even 30% of that sale and so if you're selling something for $10,000 and you're making 10% of that right that's $1,000 Commission plus you're already base salary right and as you start to work your way up or if you're doing outbound calls rather than inbound which tend to be a little bit more difficult you can get paid up to 30% or even more so if you're selling a $10,000 package and somebody buys it you get a 30% Commission all of a sudden you just made $3,000 from a single phone call and is it easy to do that no of course not does it take practice yes of course but you don't have to have any pre-existing sales experience you can literally learn as you go and any type of successful entrepreneur or business would have some type of sales script that they've proven to be successful that you can then use as your base to actually start to grow and iterate and add some of your own experiences or test new strategies with the script my point is you don't have to have any sales experience to start out as a phone closer so if you want to become a phone closer how I would suggest going about finding somebody to hire you is add value for free use the Gary Vaynerchuk model go and message all of your favorite

Entrepreneurs  tell them that you'll work for them completely for free and they only have to pay you if you actually convert a sale and if you have absolutely no experience just ask them if they have a phone script that you can take advantage of you might be surprised that a lot of entrepreneurs need quality phone closers and so what I would suggest is reach out to all of your favorite entrepreneurs on all their social media join large entrepreneurial Facebook groups talking about how your a phone closer and you'd love to work for free for somebody to prove yourself and you might be surprised at how often you're gonna be able to find somebody who's willing to take you up on that offer and then if you are able to actually prove some results then you can get paid it's significantly more than if you try to charge upfront because there's a lot more friction to be able to do that number four is phone support and you can apply to be phone support for any number of businesses like Amazon or Apple or all these multi-million or even multi-billion dollar companies and a funny thing that's happening is as everything starting to go online people actually now much more appreciate a phone call and talking to a real person then they might have twenty years ago when the only option was talking to someone on the phone right so now there's all this online chat and sometimes people just want to talk to a real person to resolve their issues how many of you guys call your phone support for your bank or for Apple or Amazon and you just spam the zero button over and over and over again to try to get to a person because it's annoying going through those automated phone systems it's annoying having to try to do everything automated and so it's kind of this funny little duality between the companies want to automate everything because it's cheaper but people still value actually talking to phone support because it's an actual real human and you're able to get your point across and get things done in a much more efficient way and becoming a phone support staff is actually very easy you can create a profile on up work or Fiverr or any number of freelance sites you can also apply directly to work at your favorite companies Apple and Amazon and all these large companies are constantly hiring especially people who you know are good on the phone can handle angry customers can handle all types of situations and can learn quickly it's a very easy thing to do and depending on where you apply oftentimes you can work completely remotely from the comfort of your own home doing it so if you want to be a phone support staff and you have a favorite company literally it's as easy as google searching Amazon customer service jobs or Amazon phone support jobs or Apple phone support jobs or creating a profile on sites like up work and Fiverr saying that you're willing to do phone support work right it's not that difficult and you have to learn how to get into the gym mentality right what stands for google it now if you don't know how to apply for this stuff literally google search how to get a job of being a phone support staff and you'll see all types of blogs and tutorials and YouTube videos teaching you exactly how to do it number three is translation services if you speak multiple languages that is valuable whether or not you think so whether or not you've had any experience doing it it is valuable if you speak multiple languages and if you do speak multiple languages you can watch the videos and you can actually directly translate the audio from Spanish for example into English and you can get paid by companies and entrepreneurs and businesses from all around the world who constantly need their content you know whether it's written content video content transcriptions subtitles all types of different work I'm actually going ahead and using what you know how to do which is translating and the coolest part is you can do it entirely from your phone and if you're looking for this type of work you know what I would suggest you do is make ads on Craigslist make a profile on up work and fiber and freelance comm and all these different freelancing sites from around the world and the cool thing is as you start to do this more you'll start to get more clients it's the avalanche effect right once you start to get some momentum you get more momentum and then all of a sudden you have too many people trying to hire you for your services and then you can really raise your prices or hire other people who speak both languages to really outsource and really scale it into a full-time source of income number two is similar to translating but we're actually going to talk about transcription right and what transcription means is literally watching video content and turning that spoken or video content into text and you can do this entirely from your phone right it might not be the most efficient thing in the world it might be easier if you actually had a laptop or a keyboard but again if you're just starting out we're not necessarily talking about the most efficient way we're gonna talk about the way that you can do it from just a cell phone to get started and so you can actually start to build some funds and build up some money that you can invest into a more full-time source of income but when you're first getting started every single dollar counts and it's very very easy to go ahead and watch a video and then transcribe that video into text which is valuable for people if they want to have you know transcriptions or subtitles for maybe a video ad if they're a smart entrepreneur and they realize that over 50% of videos on social media are watched on mute and so if you're running advertisements and you don't have subtitles for those ads then you're automatically losing out on thousands and thousands of dollars wasted just because people don't actually know what you're saying and they might have if you did have those transcriptions and so that's a great way you can actually sell yourself and sell your services you know by direct messaging people on Instagram or Facebook or businesses talking about you know how you actually run a transcription service and you'd be happy to show them you know a preview of your work for maybe a ten minute or thirty minute long video I'm completely for free just to prove the quality of your service and that's a great way to get your foot in the door to get your first client so you can really start to build up your portfolio the number one best work from home job that you can do completely from your phone we will get to in a second but if you're enjoying this video do me two quick favors because I'm working hard for you guys tap the little like button because it helps me reach more people like you who want financial freedom and make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications bells if you haven't so that you're gonna be the first person to note every time we drop a brand new video teaching you more ways to make more money have more freedom and be an overall happier person and so the number one strategy that we're going to talk about right now that you can do working from home that is the highest paying you can actually just talk to Jeremy right here or Yvette and Jeremy made $2,000 using this exact strategy and Yvette made over twelve thousand dollars in a single week which is crazy using the strategy that we're about to talk about right and what that strategy is is running what's called a marketing agency and the cool thing is like all of the other things we're talking about you can do this with a phone by direct messaging by cold calling businesses and it is a little bit more inefficient of course than if you had even just a hundred and fifty dollar Google Chrome laptop or some extremely cheap laptop we're gonna talk about it as if you only had a phone to start out just to prove to you that it is actually possible to do this and basically what a marketing agency is is acting as the bridge between old-school businesses wasting millions of dollars on billboards and radio ads and TV ads you act as the bridge helping those old-school businesses come into the new digital world where you can actually use Facebook ads and Google ads to reach your perfect customers for literally a tiny fraction of what these businesses are spending every single day wasting their money on billboards and these advertising styles that are old and just not nearly as efficient as laser targeting your perfect audience on social media and literally all you have to do to take advantage of this is identify businesses out there that need your help marketing which is most businesses in the world most businesses have never heard of Facebook Ads they've never run Google Ads and just literally by setting up basic ads that look exactly like this that take less than five minutes to set up you can get paid monthly retainers right not a one-time fee monthly retainers up $1,000 $2,000 or more just like Yvette does to help people set up ads exactly as simple and easy as this it takes less than five minutes to do all you have to do is to know how to do it and how to find the best businesses to actually take advantage of this strategy and so if you want to learn more normally we do charge thousands of dollars for this information but to thank you for staying with me and watching to this point we do have a very very special deal where you can learn exactly how to do this with all my templates all the advertisements everything that you need to be successful and make $12,000 in a week like event did take advantage of the link down below in the description it's called the marketer agency program or map for short and we're not gonna charge you thousands of dollars to do this you can literally have access today for less than the cost of a few trips to Starbucks so take a look at the link down in the description right now I promise you you won't be sorry you did or if you want to learn more about other work from home jobs on YouTube then check out this video right here where we show you ten other amazing ways to make money from the comfort of your own home promise you it'll be a good see you there working from the pool working from an Airbnb working from a hostel in Thailand working from a hotel room in Las Vegas question you're probably wondering is do real work from home opportunity

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