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Canadian Immigration


Canadian Immigration

Hello friends and welcome to a new article for Canada immigration .Today I will coming a new topic discuss with you this man main topic is a Canadian immigration.I will discuss that important updates expected and more. The Canadian government has annicenment some major change to the Canadian immigration system that could turn out to be very positive news for the prospective immigration as  well as  permanent residents who are already in Canada .So I think it was great good news canada immigration .if you would like to know all about please read my article I think it very help for you. I will discuss you full Canadian immigration news, important updates expected .Canadian Immigration .

I would  like to share a recent news a with you that prime minister justin trudeaue has named marc amaanda chino a Canadian next minister of Canadian immigration refufees and there are citizenship menechinno replacs ahmad hussain who was the immigration with in prime minister just introduced prevous  cabinet 46 year old menechinno an extensive background in law and worked for nearly 10 years as a federal prosecdour of Canadian immigration. Now let us talk us about except can be expected in the Canadian immigration system in the near future.

The proposed Change  :

*1 * The first thing that the liberal government has promise as part of there immigration streatgy is to increase the Canadian immigration levels and admit 350000+  immigration in 2021. After the liberal came to power in 2015 they had increase the Canadian immigration level from about 250,000  yearly to the 330,000 + in 2019 and the number of the expected to the continue to grow and into the liberal party current to  terms so I thing it was the best Canadian immigration big news and I hope it can be bet help for to all .
Now I tell us 2nd  big news to all –
·       2* Citizenship APPLICATIONS: This 2nd  possible change which if implemented would be a great news for current and future permanent residents is that of free Canadian immigration  citizenship applications currently permanent residents who was want to take up Canadian citizenship are charged by to $630 which includes $100 usd  right of there citizenship free. It is worth mentioning here that a permanent resident of Canada is eligible apply for  citizenship after they have been physically present in the country  for at least 1095 days maximum during the 5  years before submitting their application. So It was great best way of Canadian immigration.
·       The free to the Canadian Immigration obtain Canadian citizenship was increase from $100 to $300  in 2014 and  further raised  to $530 usd plus $100 usd right of citizenship fee in 2015.So I’m sure it will best news for if u want to apply to Canadian immigration .Now I discuss to the most number of 3rd news .
*Municipal Nominee Program *: The most effective and interesting recommendation proposed to start a new  program that called .Canadian immigration launched the  provincial nominee program back in 1999 and the program has been extremely successful in bringing much needed skilled talent to some of the similar communications in the country .
Sometimes ago I discuss and explaining why the federal express nt system may no longer be to the best for solution and for prospective immigration and municipal nominee is a testament to that If you have not read my article you did not able to clear that what I tell you .so it read completely .
What exactly would the municipal nominee program look like although the exact details of the program are still not here but if we take a look at some of the past program like the atlantic immigration pilot and the rural and northern immigration pilot than there is every reson to belive that the municipal nominee program could open up plenty of new avenues for prospective immigration .The program could be stared as a pilot open up plenty of  new avenue for prospective immgrantas the program could started as a pilot up to 5000  permannent residents accept there program through the program but as I talk we will have to wait and watch until further details  are given out of course I would like to sharing all those details all my website.You can regular update my website if you are follow.Now I telling that most of important update so what is this ?

**Important change that we could witness**
 in the near future is the atlantic immigration pilot program  could became permanent the arlantic immigration pilot launched in 2017 as 2 year program and was later extended till 2021 .so it was best important update of Canadian however if the change is implement then the program could  became permanent which welcome change for the prospective immigrants.
It is worth mentoring here that although the atlantic immigration pilot required as candidate to have a job offer before they can apply for permanent residents but the job offer does not offer does not have to supported with the lmia as in requirements with most other job offer based program .
So however , Since the liberals won minority government it meanse that they will have to rely on opposition votes implement all of the about the change and it will be very interesting to see how and when these change actually take place. Please let me know what you do think about these promise  changes by leaving a comment below for more information related to Canadian immigration please share my article on your facebook or all social media  profile .
Now I tell about why the most important thinks like
** Reasons why immigrants are leaving Canada**

The most important point
*1*  Job Market* why is the job market so like you know its kind of frustrating for new immigrants because first of all even if you are an admin a data base entry clerk or whatever or even a head of marketing on head of finance a vps up in your  country but when your come here you will not find the job the same position and the same designation its status first have to compromise on the salary you will on ok fine but its not the same like you will earning in rupess or like same other currency maybe ad and like here you will be earning Canadian dollars .so currency conversion is I think is not main factor but I write about that the designation when you check you compare the designation naturally when you come here and explore the opportunities you will not find a job at the same level .you will have to start from the basic .Why is this so because Canadian employers they somehow prefer a Canadian experience like you will know if you worked if you work for smaller company here at base level. If you any chance there are in the company promote after one or two years they will be defiantly promote you looking at your qualification looking at the experience that you have served in that company and this country .So then no need back to your home .So I think its best reasons  the immigration are Canada. So I think there big news and everything update of Canadian immigration.The would people all time try to live in canda.because Canadian country provide high quality job facility.I really like that news of Canadian immigration.

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