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Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note 7

Hello friends today I’m coming a new topic for you .Today I will show redmi note 7 pro .I will discuss that redmi note 7 pro price ,blog.mi ability ,and lot of more information you will  find my article.Redmi note 7 pro is world best smrat phone .Redmi note 7 pro is now available of the market.If  you need a good smrat phone ? you will buy this redmi note 7 pro .This is the brand-new redmi note 7 pro.Its not only new design let me know series step you go the theme was homepage and a meet with samratphone button dominate the correct shape but at this time incorprate real me  on our other vehicle at a bitch codine.It self or not attract exactly hoper courbet opposite the redmi note 7 pro millions budgets segment a musical best of this .Its best smartphone of  the world .
Today we are discuss mother unity indian redmi  note 7 pro. This is global commercial hit burger joy acatuator 128 gb variant each and at the launch in china .So I think redmi note 7 pro is best of china company.
Its very rarely is a budget smart as a height as the brand-daily new redmi note 7 pro true but does it live up the hype do we have a new budget smratphone team in from of the redmi note 7 pro well.So its time we are found .redmi note 7 pro with all the hype around.I’m pretty sure you all know all about the highlights of this one there’s .This is new design .Its 48 megapixel sony IMX 586 camera and the snapdragon 675 processor.
The redmi note 7 pro that’s  major update and that’s make this one truly exciting .First of  the design here with the redmi note 7 pro Xiaomi has finally  there’s the bland metal design now you get the glass font and glass back that looks and feels amazing the back. So its nice design .
Anyone might see or hear about 48 megapixel camera on a Smartphone and very excited. But having so many pixels on a half inches sensor, I mean each individual pixel will receive less light.
To make up for this, the sony IMX586 sensor combines information from pixels into one . Pixel and gives us a higher quality 12 megapixels image. Most of the model like HDR, portrait mode, night mode and so can only capture 12 megapixel image .So its best smratphone of redmi note 7 pro .This is amazing smrat phone of the world. You can take higher resolution image or photo selecting the 48 megapixel mode or by turning on that toggle in the mode.
At the font, there is a 13 megapixel selfie camera under this water drop style notch. And it has support for HDR and All scene detection. Camera interface is pretty similar to most other Xiaomi phones, where you swipe in either direction to switch modes. You can tap on these 3 lines on the top right, to go to settings, or if you want to switch to the 48 megapixel mode. There is a pre mode, which lets you adjust the white balance, focus, shutter speed and ISO according to your liking. Range of the shutter speed is from 1/1000s all the way to 32seconds. And range for ISO is from 100 to 3200. You can take 48 megapixel images from this mode as well, but these is no option to shoot Raw images, even in pro mode. Now there is a bit of shutter lag, or image processing time when you click images in 48 megapixel or portrait mode, or if you have the Al scene detection turned on. This delay can be anywhere from a few milliseconds to upto 5/8 seconds. This might not sound like a big  deal if you only occasionally take images. But for  someone like me, whole likes to take many images back to back, this delay becomes frustrating after a while.I've a one video add see it -

I hope Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is working on a software update to fix this issue. Alright with all that out of the way, let us now check out image and video samples from this phone.

Like always, I will start with well lit daylight images. It captures plenty of details in each shot. All these images are sharp and have good amount of contrast in them. 
Colours also accurate for the most part, but if you are not happy with the colours, contrast or saturation of these images, you can go into settings and fine tune each of these settings to get the look that you desire. These are normal 12 megapixel images, and it is default that this camera shoots in.
You can switch to the 48 megapixel mode, and here are few of the 48 megapixel mode, and here are few of the 48 megapixel images that I took.
Now here are same images captures in 12 megapixels and compared side by side.
Can you tell which one has more detail? Let me Zoom in on the images, to make it a bit easier for you. Now can you tell? Well the image on the right is shot in 48megapixels, and the on the left is shot in 12 megapixel. Yes, 48 megapixel images are every so slightly more detailed, but I think the difference is not so vast that I would ask you guys to always shoot in that mode. You can zoom in way more on 48 megapixel images, so it might be helpful while shooting landscapes. But other than that, I would ask you guys to stick with the default  12 megapixel mode. 48 megapixel image also take up huge space, so if you shoot a lot of images in this mode, Your phone’s internal storage will fill up in no time.       

Redmi note 7 pro can capture 4k videos at 30fp, 1080p vidos at 30/60/120fp and720p videos in 30/120fps. Oneplus videos 7 can shoot 4k videos at 30 and 60ps,1080p videos at 30/60 and 240fps and 720p video at 480fps.The phones there you see the volume rocker power so I think redmi note 7 pro one of the most smrat phone.

Features of Redmi Note 7 Pro: Now I’m talking about features of redmi note 7 pro .

Redmi note 7 pro has  an incredible  fingerprint scanner right there on back  so the first thing that I do is go ahead and set up that fingerprint scanner run our settings  go into lock screen and password go into manage fingerprint and  the two fingerprint that I would suggest adding would be both index fingers so that the way you can pick up the phone with either your left or right hand be able to unlock it .I think its best of features of redmi note 7 pro . Many fingerprints are go ahead and add a fingerprint I’ve already got this fingerprint registered . So go ahead and place our sensor and continue  to do that until. Its finished adding that fingerprint .

Then will go through the second step : Which is just gonna make it more accurate fingerprint to is added. So now I should be able to unlock the phone with either  one of my fingerprints. So you can easily  add other fingerprint if  you would prefer your middle or ring finger  you are  able to that there as fingerprint scanner you  can easily also use that as a shutter button  when you are talking  selfies go into your camera app and then go the  settings alright and  there’s  an option you will see right here under additional setting  the fingerprint shutter . So  we’ll go ahead and select that we back to camera I’ll flip it and  now if I want to take a selfie . I  can just use that fingerprint scanner as a shutter  button which is super and super . So I think redmi note 7 pro Smartphone is great features it. There also super convenient so speaking about the camera the second thing that I would do  is go into your lock screen and password setting again there’s this another option here for launching the camera a double press of he volume down button .So this is great for those  amazing moments. Redmi note 7 pro is great smartphone of the world. When sometimes  arise and you need your camera  quiekly you don’t really have time to pull your phone out and fumble around trying to open your camera instead you can just simply double press the volume button and that launches your camera from the lock screen .If the screen is just totally turned off the third that I would is go ahead and install a 3rd party  launcher one thing about my ui is fact that pretty much . It just vomits all of you own apps onto home screen with no real apparent just to get some organization of all your apps and kind  of clean up your home screen. The screen that you are going to be looking at most of the time. I would suggested a 3rd party launcher something. Like nova launcher would be a perfect alternative . So set that up once you have it.


Now I’m telling you carrying a side –by side camparsion redmi note pro 7 pro –poor 8 pro case of making a what change again and keep anoher improve accompaning other redmi 8 pro start there basic educate design and print quality happy job papers a redmi note 7 pro a extra who of the exact tech glass constrauction case case out back fingerprints.

Redmi note 7 pro top 6 hidden features: Now I’m telling you about redmi note 7 pro five hidden features .


1* Erase in gallary apps: Redmi note 7 pro one of  the most best smratphone of the world .So its best number  one hidden features is erase in gallary apps .It best smart  helful features of redmi note 7 pro .This features is very usefull if  you removed  an object or a line in a photo choose from  image in the gallary then clik on the edit icon now scrool to the left you will see the erase option then you will clik on that now clik on the area you want o removed in the image. It will autumatically removed that selected object .So I think is the best feautres of redmi note 7 pro.

2.Stabilize 4k video make : Now I’m telling you that best important features of redmi note 7 pro .Ths is stabilize 4k video make .Redmi note 7 pro series only supports video stabilization up to 1080p make video and using this trics you can easily make powerful video .The first step is to open google photos and choose the the your favrit video you want. Now at the buttom clik on the edit icon and clik on stabilize. It will be take 30 seconds to stabilize. It you can uses easily google machine learning algorithm to stabilize the video of redmi note 7 pro.I’m sure it can be best smrat phone for youtube .Because there are lot of time there video easily make using stabilize  4k video.

3* Hide Notch:  This is most useful features of redmi note  pro .This called is hide notch. If you do not like the knowledge on your redmi note 7 pro ? go to the settings then clik on the full screen setting and clik hide knotch.This will disable the knotch by blocking out of the top area .So redmi note 7 pro this is amazing fearturs.It will be best hidden features .

4*  Using Dark Mode: Now I’m telling about a new featues .This features name called dark mode.Redmi note 7 pro dark mode features very helful and hidden featurs. The dark mode are available  mi.Ui just update your phone 10.3.7 and go to settings then clik on disply .You can see the dark mode option here so you will now just clik on it . Then you will enable to dark mode.So it is best hidden trics of redmi note 7 pro.

*Disply  :  Redmi note 7 pro disply is great because easily change disply so you will question that how to change the disply size ? now disply size in the sense the entire user interface size will be change and and it will looks likes quite a bit like a super high resolutions mobile phone rather super high resolutions display as . if you are using that as you can see the entire user interface is change ti diffirent  resolution altogeher  with  that simple setting you can see a lot of cover in just 1 page to rather than having to scroll down or keep the scroll down all the time  because all time or many time  the font size of course if   don’t proper way size in this reading ths little tiny small size . you can always change the font size as a well so its best helful redmi note 7 pro smratphone .Just show you how to do that so to change the entire display size .I thnk it is best tips of redmi note 7 pro .if you disply size change ? go the setting and here you find additional settings and there accesibltiy here just tap on the  accesbility. Now  here you see should see the disply size .Now you will change it. You need small size ? you can just tap on plus and change it to default or large .You can also extra large it.

*Createing Second  privat Space : Now at this time I discuss the most helpful features this called is second privat space .You will see right now changing it  to second gives you privat space where you can able to store all of  the things that are privat to you or rather you can give the second space to public or rather your friends .You can rather also your relative so that the use the mobile with few application installed.when you that will be privat you will always safe as well so they do not mess up with your private space .I think very important features of  redmi note 7 pro.

Redmi note 7 pro is best smartphone this is powered by MIUI android 9.0 pie with 10 based .Camera- 48MP with rear camera.
Led Flash
Ram- 6 GB,Storage- 128 GB

Bangaldesh price -14999

Rs price - 2000 and 

USD- $311

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