How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019-20 - Step By Step

How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019-20 - Step By Step
How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019-20 - Step By Step

Hello everyone today I’m coming a new topic discuss you my main topic is  how to start social media marketing as a beginner in 2019-20. I will show you step by step how it start you so lets start –
When you come to  social  media marketing . How do you get start ? and I know, if you are read this article mybe thinking of using  social  media to grow your business to promted to your product and service.Let me give you lot of idea step by step formula. My formula is easily you can used your own or company business grow.

*1 * Find out they where:  Find out where your ideal client hang out.where are they.Are they linkedin ? if you are B to B. I think linkedin is a very powerful platfrom because there are so many business on linkedin. The whole business company promoted there  business service show here and there are lot of ideal client got from this social media .I hope linkedin is best social media marketing platfrom if you need grow your business you must need linkedin marketing. If you are  B to C , that meanse business o  consummer mybe instgram is the way to grow.or facebook is the way to go .Facebook is the another social media .There are lot of people uesd this social media platfrom and lot of client or buyer  suching there product so if you are looking to your marketing grow or sell your product I recommanded you please you can 100% marketing this platfrom.
You can aslo another marketing platfrom using for your business.This name  is youtube .So Youtube is video sharing platfrom .You can create a video  for your company or own business idea then this video you uplaod this platfrom and when you upload this video you will get more traffic so It can be help your business .It is best social media marketing platfrom .Also other social media paltfrom is snapchat or tuitter.Whatever it is that you choose but you wanna first of all be very  clear who are your ideal customars.Who are your ideal pospects and where do they hang out? Where  are they vast ocan internet and this information highway ?
Where they spend their time this social media ? you will figere out first and where are they hanging out ? If  you totally find out them I think it will be 100 % working your social media marketing success.
*2* Snapchat : Snapchart is one of the most powerfull social media platform .Its still doing really well .They have 100 million people active user so it was great for social media marketing .So as a beginner all of this is over helming  and complicated. So you will question me how to start? You will try at first see lot of youtube video I hope you will lot of information get and learn them.

*3* Get fond of  them :Now I tell you that you want to get font of them. When you say get in font of  them out of  all platforms, just you want pick one. One of the worst things that you can do is try to get all these platform .I mean you got your facebook, you got your  tuitter , you got your youtube , you go to your linkedin and you go to your instgram .You try to all social media platform. So when you try to do that, you will fail  100% because each channel each platform has its own uniqueness. You need to market to the audience very differently. The way you talk to them is very different. Unless you like me you have grown to the point where you have  pretty big team to do all these things, where you are just  getting  started, just pick one. Its only just pick one I am sure. But maybe  youtube or other social media like facebook ,tuitter likedin or instgram just pick one platform.And you focus one platform and you focus on mastering and understanding that platform.

You learn everything you possibly could about one platform I think its best for you if you need social media marketing 2019-20 . As a do your marketing , as a you create content , as you add value, you will must to be learn , you will get feedback. When marketplace is this working I’m right ? then you improve from there.Every single course , lets sayyou want to learn about instgram , you want to master instagram. You want to market on instgra. So Get everyday demand course that you could. Read demand book that you could you just that instagram and you master of them and improvement t t the ideas. And go back and improvement . I think its s best method of social media marketing . you are reflect, learn from it and improvement .That’s   how you going with social media marketing. Don’t worry to them all right ? jack of all trades, master of none .So I hope if you need social media marketing you will follow this.

*3** Sell them Something: 
How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019-20 - Step By Step
sell them something
Social media marketing main We use because we are got lot of ideal client or buyer and we are sell lot of product  her .We are sell something theme so this topic is best important.
Sell them something  its is so simple so you will question for that how it possible or how it work ? I clear that lets start –you fucking sell them something. You need to sell something in exchange off money .you can’t just social media following and hope that maybe someday that will turn into money.if you need success your carrer or lot money need you just follow your social media. If you active all time and marketing your product on your social media you will get someday sell. The only purpose to be on social media is to bring in business. Some people use social media for pleasure ,I think poor people ,broke people , they use social media media pleasure. If you need social media marketing success you must to be need use social media for profit.
Basically I use social media to make a profit. I will grow my company and build my brand. That’s the only same reason to be on social media. As a buy product of that,  I get to impact millions of people. I do  not loss focus of the fact that I’m using social media as a tools, as a vehicle to grow my company period. So you need to think about that. It was best for you.
What is your intent ? what is your outcome ?
You need to be  very clear that’s you are out there. What are you doing instead of  just doing a lot of  activities and doing post and getting likes and all that. I think social media marketing as a beginner in 2019-20 best article it .I hope it can be 100% working if you first time start your journey .if you follow my article you can able to sell something on ideal client. If you cannot overcome that , then you have problem with selling .you will always struggle with making money on social media.I will again tell you all time used your social media only profit not only pleasure.

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