how to seo web site 2019 -

how to seo web site 2019

Hello friends today I’m  discuss a new topic this main topic is how to  web site 2019. I  will discuss   how to seo blogger site 2019 that help to Google  first page your web site and rank your   article .If need your web site ranking you  need  must  unique content  see is two method
1.On page SEO 

*Short and clean title (how to web site seo 2019.
*Clean description
*meta tag or meta description.
*H1 and h2  tag
*Responsive site
*Boost your web site speed
*Unique Article
2.Off page SEO
** Off page SEO list

*Local Business listing
*web 2.0
*High quality backlink
*Question and answer
*Guest posting
*Social  book marketing  method
*Blog commenting
*Profile creation and profile link
*from posting and  sharing  picture
*Article submit
I will  discuss  top 10 seo blogger site so lets start
1. research your  blogger  site. At first your needed research the blog. example which neche site you are made .
2.keyword  research .That means which keyword  relative post your blogger site.
3.Image  seo If you did not know how it work you ? I tell you at first you will go the image properties then you see the image  details clik here and write your keyword  description ,tag ,and comments and reviw the cheek mark 5 star .Then you apply the and then ok press .
4.Refernce with other link .That means other blogger site you post your link .its very helpful point  if  you need your site google rank .sometimes when you comment on the  other site there are no approved your comment if  there   approved  your  comment  you are lucky  man .
5.Do follow backlink ;   The do follow backlink most of  important  if  you need your web rank on the google . If you did not know how to do follow backlink create I tell this. At first you  you are selected do which site da and pa high level then you go to the site and sign up the site then you will create a profile .when you made  a profile ? Then you edit option  selected then  you now the see web site option then you  place your  site .
6.Subscribe  Button  Add. At this time most are important to add your subscription  add your web site .It very important to your blogger site and you get more web site vistor and google rank your site.
7.Gust post : Gust post is the power full method  for web google ranking because when you get the gust other site your content you will get more traffic your site if you link add this .When submit your article other site there are are provide you link so it very  important for your blog or web ranking .
8.Facebook : Facebook is most of social media you can join here and get more customers on your audience and get more traffic here .But you remain regular post the post and share your web site article it can help more traffic . When the visitor coming your site you get google rank.
9.Tuitter –T         uitter is best of v social media you can join here and get more follow your profile .When you get more then you can share your web site link and when there are clik your link you get more visitor and google are help you rank your site .
10.Pinterst :Pinter are great help you more traffic your web site and it help you google ranking.
11.Qoura and reddit: Qoura and reddit one  of the most traffic source  that help you get more traffic and google rank your site .when you  Qoura  question ans give you then you submit to your web site link .then you get unlimited traffic your site and google see that then google your web site .I’m sure my article help you that how to seo blogger site 2019 .

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