how to start youtube career 2019

how to start youtube career 2019.per month $1000 dollar Earning . Hello friends how are you? I'm fine. Today i'm talking How to start your YouTube. its article help your youtube journey. I have talking about which tools you need to start after lets start .

1. Camera at first you need if want to be YouTuber and with need handicapped . it will be if buy this seconal 5 k or 10 k cost. but I want be another suggestion give that you use not comers. you easily use to your Mobile phone this is high quality video make you and hd video I have suggestion you use mobile cemera to use video.Get more information clik here-     ‌

2. Microphone - You have must to be need one good quality microphone that can be improved your sound quality .because when you start make a video tutorial its very important. if you use good microphone? not noise your area.I have suggestion you use a microphone this is name BOYAMi . its high quality. ‌3. Light - light is very important for you. if you want to be facecame video made. you need 2 light two side .you can buy this light market low price. this light is focus your room .video resolution high quality. so its really important if you want start youtubing. ‌4. Tripod-- Hello friends if you want to be youtuber and facecame video? you need mobile stand or Tripod. It can help you make video. Tripod use easily your camera or mobile phone.  ‌ topic or neche - if you are new youtuber? you did not topic or neche? I can discussion. neche is your main topic example which type make video you. its Tech related or health related article means. so you decision to which type video made you. ‌6. Software - You need this software just video editing help you. Adobe after effects, Adobe premier pro, Adobe Photoshop and Camtasia 9 .Audicity This all software great. you can easily edit your any video. ‌important -- your must be need unique content. which type video made you. I hope this article important to your YouTube journey. if like this please share this .Thank you. ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌


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