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What do you need to know to get of unemployment problems? ?

What do you need to know to get  of unemployment problems? ?

At present, getting a job means getting a gold deer, but that deer is either a million or so, many can't even pay for the money, because of the lack of a maternal uncle, the meritorious being deprived of it; Many people in the Shuddha government are paying the price of academic education, but outside of it, there is no such thing that no one thinks or does not come back to. What is more, it is to be proficient in ICT, which means computer knowledge, 

There are so many academic side students who do not know how to write the keyboad. I am not shorting them, but I do not mean the easy way. There are many sectors in which you can be proficient in ict .Its popularity is graphics design or web design.

I think if you need make money online or solved your  unemployment problems? ? you will must to be learn any work skill first then you will success .
Thank you.

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